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hostnames (9) Versions 0.3.6

Configures hostname and FQDN

cookbook 'hostnames', '= 0.3.6', :supermarket
cookbook 'hostnames', '= 0.3.6'
knife supermarket install hostnames
knife supermarket download hostnames
Quality 0%

hostnames cookbook

Easy hostname, FQDN and /etc/hosts file updates. Less broken than the hostname recipe.

Works with custom /etc/hosts files and fixes aws dns slowness (use use_node_ip: true)

Install it

With berkshelf - Berskfile

source ''
cookbook 'hostnames'


Run via a role - roles/base.rb

name 'base'
description 'Standard Sequoia setup'
  set_fqdn: '*',
  hostname_cookbook: {
    use_node_ip: true


  • node['set_fqdn'] - FQDN to set.

The asterisk character will be replaced with This way,
you can add this to base role:

default_attributes :set_fqdn => '*'

and have node set its FQDN and hostname based on its chef node name
(which is provided on chef-client first run's command line).

  • node['hostname_cookbook']['use_node_ip'] -- when true
    sets the hostname to node["ipaddress"] in /etc/hosts (default: false)

  • node['hostname_cookbook']['hostsfile_ip'] -- IP used in
    /etc/hosts to correctly set FQDN (default:


  • hostnames::default -- will set node's FQDN to value of set_fqdn attribute,
    and hostname to its host part (up to first dot).

  • hostnames::vmware -- sets hostname automatically using vmtoolsd.
    You do not need to set node["set_fqdn"].


  • Fork.

  • Make more awesome.

  • Pull request.

  • I will bump version and run: knife cookbook site share hostnames "Networking" -o ../


(original) Maciej Pasternacki

(current) Nathan

Dependent cookbooks

hostsfile >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Change History


  • #27: Update default recipe to reload only the hostname plugin instead of ohai (Jonathan Serafini)
  • Fixed (and tested) FreeBSD support
  • #17: added support for RedHat & CentOS (Damien Roche, Marta Paciorkowska)
  • added instructions on manual testing with reboot (Marta Paciorkowska)


  • Refresh and fix tests, add Rubocop style checks (Marta Paciorkowska)
  • #16: do not remove existing /etc/hosts entries on, use configurable IP for hostname entry we need to have for ourselves (Jean Mertz, Marta Paciorkowska)


  • Tests: chefspec, test-kitchen
  • Substitute * in set_fqdn with to allow fully automatic FQDN setup.


  • Clean up backup files from release


  • Added change log
  • metadata.rb explicitly states cookbook name (Chulki Lee)
  • New recipe hostname::vmware (tily)
  • Use hostsfile cookbook to manipulate /etc/hosts, use instead of trying to figure out own IP (Guilhem Lettron)


  • Use attribute levels when setting for Chef 11 compatibility (Alan Wilhelm)


  • Syntax fix for compatibility with Ruby 1.9.2

0.0.2 and before

This is prehistory.

Foodcritic Metric

0.3.6 failed this metric

FC007: Ensure recipe dependencies are reflected in cookbook metadata: /tmp/cook/2bb46e2fe57cb4a87ad3c744/hostnames/recipes/vmware.rb:36