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ghubbkup (3) Versions 0.1.59

Installs/Configures ghubbkup

cookbook 'ghubbkup', '= 0.1.59', :supermarket
cookbook 'ghubbkup', '= 0.1.59'
knife supermarket install ghubbkup
knife supermarket download ghubbkup
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Travis-ci status: Build Status

ghubbkup Cookbook

ghubbkup is a Ruby cmd-line utility that can be used to backup Git repos on Github using the Github API v3.


  • A working Ruby 1.9.x installation.
  • Installation of s3cmd

Ruby Gem Dependencies


Set config file for ghubbkup.

default['ghubbkup']['conf_dir'] = '/etc'

Set ghubbkup install dir.

default['ghubbkup']['install_dir'] = '/usr/local/bin'

Set Github user. You should probably override this!

default['ghubbkup']['user'] = 'root'

Set group owner of config & backup dir. You should probably override this!

default['ghubbkup']['group'] = 'root'

Set Github password. You should probably override this!

default['ghubbkup']['pass'] = 'secret'

Encrypted data bag secret file.

default['ghubbkup']['data_bag_secret'] = '/etc/chef/encrypted_data_bag_secret'

Encrypted data bag name.

default['ghubbkup']['encrypted_data_bag_name'] = 'ghubbkup'

Encrypted data bag item.

default['ghubbkup']['encrypted_data_bag_item'] = 'creds'

Set tmp repo list.

default['ghubbkup']['tmp_repo_list'] = '/tmp/repos.txt'

Set repo list.

default['ghubbkup']['repo_list'] = '/tmp/repos2.txt'

Set backup directory.

default['ghubbkup']['backup_dir'] = '/tmp/github_repos_backup'

Set git extension.

default['ghubbkup']['git_extension'] = '.git'

Set git URL.

default['ghubbkup']['git_url'] = ''

Backup method. Possible options: s3.

Set to s3 if you wan to backup repos to s3. No backups are done by default.

default['ghubbkup']['backup_type'] = ''

Override this with appropriate s3cmd line options you need.

default['ghubbkup']['s3cmd_cmdline_options'] = 'sync'

You MUST Override this with a file[s]/dir[s] you want to backup to S3!

default['ghubbkup']['files_to_backup'] = ''

You MUST override this with an S3 bucket you want to backup files to!

default['s3_bucket'] = ''


You'll need to create a secret key for your data bag.
skywalker@alderaan:~$ openssl rand -base64 512 > data_bag_secret_key
Create new data bag item to be used with S3.
skywalker@alderaan:~/your/chef-repo$ knife data bag create --secret-file ~/data_bag_secret_key ghubbkup creds
Created data_bag[ghubbkup]
Created data_bag_item[creds]

"id": "creds",
"github_user": "YOUR_GITHUB_USER NAME_HERE",

If you get the following error below...
ERROR: RuntimeError: Please set EDITOR environment variable

...make sure you export your editor as EDITOR
export EDITOR=vim

Verify your encrypted data bag items.
skywaler@alderaan:~/your/chef-repo$ knife data bag show ghubbkup creds
id: creds
cipher: aes-256-cbc
version: 1
cipher: aes-256-cbc
version: 1

Now check your decrypted data bag items
skywaler@alderaan:~/your/chef-repo$ knife data bag show –secret-file=/home/you/data_bag_secret_key ghubbkup creds
id: creds

You may also want to export an encrypted version of your data bag to add to your version control such as Git
skywalker@alderaan:~ knife data bag show ghubbkup creds -Fj > data_bags/ghubbkup/ghubbkup.json

Copy your secret key to your node.
skywalker@alderaan:~ $ scp /home/you/data_bag_secret_key skywalker@alderaan:
skywalker@alderaan's password:
data_bag_secret_key 100% 695 0.7KB/s 00:00


Move your key to /etc/chef
skywalker@alderaan:~ $ sudo mv /home/skywalker/data_bag_secret_key /etc/chef/


  1. By default, ghubbkup will not try to backup your repos anywhere.
  2. You must override default['ghubbkup']['backup_type'] & set to s3.
  3. The only non-local backup method supported is Amazon's S3.
  4. You must also set default['s3_bucket'] to name of the bucket you want to backup files to.
  5. You must also set default['ghubbkup']['files_to_backup'] to the files you'd like to backup.
  6. You must also set default['ghubbkup']['backup_dir'] to the directory you want to backup your repos to.
  7. You can ignore the aforementioned attributes if you don't want to backup to S3 ( just clone all repos locally without copying to S3 ).
  8. You must follow the README in the amazon_s3cmd cookbook to set up encrypted data bag for your S3 credentials.


This cookbook depends on my amazon_s3cmd cookbook which installs the s3cmd.


Below is a sample role you could use:
name "ghubbkup"
description "Install ghubbkup cmd-line tool to backup Github repos."
override_attributes( "amazon_s3cmd" => {
"data_bag_secret" => "/home/skywalker/data_bag_secret",
"encrypted_data_bag_name" => "s3cmd-ghubbkup" },
"ghubbkup" => {
"data_bag_secret" => "/home/skywalker/data_bag_secret",
"group" => "skywalker",
"backup_type" => 's3',
"files_to_backup" => "/mnt/backup/github/*",
"s3_bucket" => "s3://skywalker-github-backup" }
run_list "recipe[ghubbkup]"

Now just include your ghubbkup role in your node's run_list:

"run_list": [

Example ghubbkup commands

Clone ALL repos for a single Github user or org.
skywalker@alderaan:~$ ghubbkup all


  • You should issue ghubbkup commands as the user who has access to your Github account.
  • You can override node['ghubbkup']['git_url'] & set it to to use SSH.
  • Command <code>ghubbkup all</code> will do <code>git clone</code> if repo isn't cloned & <code>git pull</code> if repo is already cloned.


  1. Fork the repository on Github by clicking here.
  2. Create a topic branch (like yourname-add-awesomeness).
  3. Write you change.
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable).
  5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass.
  6. Submit a Pull Request using Github here.

License and Authors

Author: Gerald L. Hevener Jr., AKA jackl0phty.

Dependent cookbooks

amazon_s3cmd >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

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