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forge_server (1) Versions 2.1.0

Installs/Configures a Forge Server on FreeBSD

cookbook 'forge_server', '~> 2.1.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'forge_server', '~> 2.1.0'
knife supermarket install forge_server
knife supermarket download forge_server
Quality 83%

!!! NOT WORKING YET - Do not use or open issues for this one just yet !!!


Chef Cookbook to manage a Forge-Server installation on FreeBSD.

INFO: This is a detached fork of my other Cookbook ftb_server which works
great for installing and maintaining the server portion of a FTB ModPack. This Cookbook however focuses on your very own
Forge installation with selection of mods. The documentation has NOT yet been updated to match the new Cookbook though!



  • FreeBSD-10.3+


  • Chef-12.1+

Dependent Cookbooks

  • poise_archive-1.5.0+
  • poise-monit-1.6.0+

General Info On The How And Why

The Forge-Server installation is devided into three parts:

  1. The user/group and its home-dir
  2. The Modpack main directory and each version
  3. The files/directories that contain world data, backup, and config that are symlinked into each version-dir

An installed Forge-Server will have the following directory structure:

                       \_ Server.A.B.C
                                     \_ installation_files/directories
                                     \_ symliked files/directories from .Addon
                       \_ Server.D.E.F
                                     \_ installation_files/directories
                                     \_ symliked files/directories from .Addon
                       \_ Server #symlink to current version_dir for informational purposes
                       \_ .Addon
                               \_ ops.json
                               \_ whitelist.json
                               \_ banned-ips.json
                               \_ banned-players.json
                               \_ world/
                               \_ backups/
                               \_ ...


The JSON-Files cannot be delivered easily as templates since they are updated through Minecraft.
So you will have to manage them yourself in a wrapping Cookbook (or similar - see Usage below) and put them into the .Addon-directory
yourself. The Cookbook will then symlink these files to the current Server-directory. The world- and backups-directories will only
be created and then symlinked. That way the current world and backups will be available with every version within the installed pack.
For every new pack-version a new directory will be created that is called Server.<version> by default. And then a symlink named Server
will be created that points to the currently active installation. This symlink is for informational purposes only since it serves
no technical purpose in this Cookbook.



  • node['forge_server']['openjdk_version'] - Which OpenJDK version to install. Default: 8
  • node['forge_server']['packages'] - Array of packages that have to be installed prior to rolling out the Forge server. Default: %W( openjdk#{node['forge_server']['openjdk_version']} tmux curl )
  • node['forge_server']['install_base'] - Base directory name for an installation. Default: 'Server'
  • node['forge_server']['addon_dir'] - Name of the directory that will contain all symlinked files. Default: '.Addon'
  • node['forge_server']['start_server'] - Whether to enable and start the server or not. Default: true


  • node['forge_server']['rc_d']['name'] - Name of the service. Default: 'Forgeserver'
  • node['forge_server']['rc_d']['path'] - Path to the rc-script. Default: '/usr/local/etc/rc.d'


  • node['forge_server']['user']['name'] - The system user. Default: 'Forge'
  • node['forge_server']['user']['group'] - The user's system group. Default: 'Forge'
  • node['forge_server']['user']['shell'] - Login shell of the system user. Default: '/bin/sh'
  • node['forge_server']['user']['home'] - Home directory of the system user. This is also where the Forge installations will be made. Default: '/usr/local/Forge'

Addon Config

  • node['forge_server']['addon_config']['files'] - Array with the config files that will be symlinked to the current version's directory. Only files in that Array are symlinked. The reason for this is that this directory may contain other files you do not want to symlink. Default: %w( whitelist.json ops.json banned-ips.json banned-players.json )


  • node['forge_server']['eula']['do_accept'] - We have to accept the Minecraft eula to be able to start the Forge Server. If you set this to false then the server won't start. Default true

  • node['forge_server']['settings_local_sh']['java_cmd'] - The name of the java binary. Default: 'java'
  • node['forge_server']['settings_local_sh']['xms'] - The Java XMS value. Default '2G'
  • node['forge_server']['settings_local_sh']['xmx'] - The Java XMX value. Default: '8G'
  • node['forge_server']['settings_local_sh']['permgen_size'] - Java's PermGen Size. Default: '256M'
  • node['forge_server']['settings_local_sh']['java_parameters'] - Array with Java parameters. Default:


  • node['forge_server']['fml']['add_confirm_option'] - Whether to confirm world/block-changes that might occur during server update. If this is false the server might not start and will wait for user interaction. Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['fml']['confirm_option'] - The Java parameter for FML-Confirm. Default: '-Dmfl.queryResult=confirm'

The following attributes are the server.peoperties attributes with the same name. The attributes are not explained any further. Only the default
values and a hint will be shown next to the attribute

  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['spawn_protection'] - Default: 16
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['max_tick_time'] - Default: 60000
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['generator_settings'] - Default: ''
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['force_gamemode'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['allow_nether'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['gamemode'] - Default: 0
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['broadcast_console_to_ops'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['enable_query'] - Default: false
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['player_idle_timeout'] - Default: 0
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['difficulty'] - Default: 1
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['spawn_monsters'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['op_permission_level'] - Default: 4
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['announce_player_achievements'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['pvp'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['snooper_enabled'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['level_type'] - Default: 'BIOMESOP'
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['hardcore'] - Default: false
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['enable_command_block'] - Default: false
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['max_players'] - Default: 20
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['network_compression_threshold'] - Default: 256
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['resource_pack_sha1'] - Default: ''
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['max_world_size'] - Default: 29999984
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['server_port'] - Default: 25565
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['texture_pack'] - Default: ''
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['server_ip'] - Default: node['ipaddress']
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['spawn_npcs'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['allow_flight'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['level_name'] - Default: 'world'
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['view_distance'] - Default: 12
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['resource_pack'] - Default: ''
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['spawn_animals'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['white_list'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['generate_structures'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['online_mode'] - Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['max_build_height'] - Default: 256
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['level_seed'] - Default: '2323115871908605002' (my favorite seed)
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['motd'] - Minecraft will escape characters like !, = etc so we might as well escape them here to prevent rewrite of the config with every chef run. Will get the current version and pack name prepended to it automatically. Default: 'Be nice to each other\! NO griefing\!\!'
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['enable_rcon'] - Default: false
  • node['forge_server']['server_properties']['additional_options'] - Hash that can contain any other option not listed above in the form {'my-property' => 'value'}. Default: {}
  • node['forge_server']['pack']['base_url'] - Base URL where the Forge Server packs can be found. Default: ''
  • node['forge_server']['pack']['name'] - Forge modpack name. Has to be equal to the packs subdirectory on the download server. Must be set on a role/environment. Default: nil
  • node['forge_server']['pack']['version'] - Version of the Forge modpack in the form X.Y.Z. Must be set in a role/environment. Default: nil


  • node['forge_server']['mod_dynmap']['jar_url'] - URL to the Forge Version of the Dynmap jar-file. Default: ''
  • node['forge_server']['mod_dynmap']['restart_on_update'] - Set this to true to restart the server, when a new dynmap version has been installed. Default false


  • node['forge_server']['auto_restart']['enable'] - It is a good idea to restart a Minecraft server in regular intervals. Setting this to true will create a cronjob that does exactly this. Default: true
  • node['forge_server']['auto_restart']['time'] - The time at which the server gets restarted. Default: { minute: '0', hour: '5' }. See Chef's cron resource for more info. Possible keys are: :weekday, :month, :day, :hour, :minute, :time



  • Add forge_server::default to your Nodes run list
  • Add pack name and version to your role/environment. Role-Example:
   "forge_server" => {
       "pack" => {
           "name" => "ForgeInfinityLite110",
           "version" => "1.3.3"

In a wrapper-cookbook with managed JSON-Files

  • Put your JSON-Files into the files-directory of your wrapper cookbook (See 'Addon Config' above for the default files that are configured in the array. Override for different files, if you know better)
  • Add the following to your wrapper Cookbooks default.rb
node['forge_server']['addon_config']['files'].each do |file|
  cookbook_file ::File.join(node['forge_server']['pack_addon_dir'], file) do
    source file
    owner node['forge_server']['user']['name']
    group node['forge_server']['user']['group']
    mode '644'

include_recipe 'forge_server::default'
  • Add pack name and version to your role/environment. Role-Example:

       "forge_server" => {
           "pack" => {
               "name" => "ForgeInfinityLite110",
               "version" => "1.3.3"



Add this recipe to your run list and set the needed attributes to get going


Gets the pack going. Included in the Default-Recipe


Creates a cronjob that restarts the server periodically, if node['forge_server']['auto_restart']['enable'] is true


Installs the dynmap plugin.

INFO: WIP! It currently only puts the jar-file in place and triggers a restart of the server, if needed. There is no real config yet

How to Test


Run command rspec from the root of this Cookbook

Integration tests

INFO: Not Yet Implementred

  1. Install Vagrant with berkshelf and testkitchen plugins
  2. Install VirtualBox and configure it according to your OS's documentation
  3. Run kitchen test

License and Authors

Author: Stefan Wendler (
License: Apache License, Version 2.0 (January 2004 -

Dependent cookbooks

poise-archive ~> 1.5.0
apache2 ~> 5.2.1

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.



Initial Release


Generates twitch config now


Fixed wrong defaultworld in


providing index.html


removed poise-monit


added tmux path to rc-script


  • Removing mods since they should be custom
  • keeping apache2 5.2.1 for now since 6.0.0 introduced bugs that break freebsd apache

Collaborator Number Metric

2.1.0 failed this metric

Failure: Cookbook has 0 collaborators. A cookbook must have at least 2 collaborators to pass this metric.

Contributing File Metric

2.1.0 passed this metric

Foodcritic Metric

2.1.0 passed this metric

No Binaries Metric

2.1.0 passed this metric

Testing File Metric

2.1.0 passed this metric

Version Tag Metric

2.1.0 passed this metric