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eventstore (4) Versions 0.1.0

Installs/Configures EventStore

cookbook 'eventstore', '= 0.1.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'eventstore', '= 0.1.0'
knife supermarket install eventstore
knife supermarket download eventstore
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eventstore cookbook

OpsCode Chef cookbook to install EventStore


Event Store gives you a straightforward persistence engine for applications using event-sourcing, as well as being great for storing time-series data.

This cookbook allows the installation of the EventStore using OpsCode chef.


Depends on the mono cookbook from github, which has support for later versions of ubuntu, the mono cookbook will need to be used from github as it hasn't yet been updated on the chef community site.

Getting Started

The cookbook can simply be used by adding "eventstore" to the run list of a node. All the config options for the installation are in the node['eventstore'] namespace. You can configure the eventstore instance by adding attributes in the node['eventstore']['config'] namespace. Any attributes added in the config namespace will be used in the generated config.json file. The attributes key should match the json config key from EventStore arguments, e.g. node['eventstore']['config']['runProjections'] = true.


  • node['eventstore']['version'] Version of eventstore to install. Default is 2.0.1
  • node['eventstore']['source_uri'] Base uri of eventstore download links
  • node['eventstore']['bin_filename'] Filename for the download

  • node['eventstore']['install_dir'] Path where the eventstore binaries will be extracted to.

  • node['eventstore']['command'] Command to run eventstore 'mono-sgen EventStore.SingleNode.exe'

  • node['eventstore']['user'] Username to run eventstore under, user will be created and given appropriate permissions. Default is 'eventstore'

  • node['eventstore']['config_dir'] Where to store eventstore config files. Default is '/etc/eventstore/'

  • node['eventstore']['data_dir'] Path of directory where eventstore will store its data. Default is '/var/lib/eventstore/'


Author:: Seif Attar (

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mono >= 0.0.0

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