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duplicity_ng (18) Versions 1.2.6

Installs/Configures duplicity_ng

cookbook 'duplicity_ng', '= 1.2.6', :supermarket
cookbook 'duplicity_ng', '= 1.2.6'
knife supermarket install duplicity_ng
knife supermarket download duplicity_ng
Quality 100%

duplicity_ng cookbook

Cookbook for installing duplicity backup cronjobs

Supported Platforms

It should work on most Linux distributions.

Tested on Ubuntu and CentOS.

Note: On RHEL (CentOS) 5.x, make sure you have python, python::package or python::source in your run_list or include them in your wrapper cookbook. Otherwise the process may fail.



See the attributes/default.rb file for default values.

# Path to duplicity executable (by default "/usr/bin/duplicity").

# Use pyhton pip to install duplicity dependencies (defaults to false)
node['duplicity_ng']['use_pip'] = true

# The following attributes are only used when using the "duplicity_ng::source" recipe
node['duplicity_ng']['source']['checksum'] #  duplicity remote source file checksum.
node['duplicity_ng']['source']['version']  #  duplicity version (only for "source" install method).

node['duplicity_ng']['source']['gnupg']['checksum'] #  GnuPGInterface remote source file checksum.
node['duplicity_ng']['source']['gnupg']['version']  #  GnuPGInterface version.



Install duplicity using packages provided by the system. If you need newer versions, you can include
duplicity_ng::ppa before running this recipe to setup the official duplicity ppa (on Ubuntu)


Setup Ubuntu repositories with latest version of duplicity.
Run this recipe before you use the duplicity_ng::install recipe.

Helper recipes

These recipes you probably do not need to call manually.
The providers run them in case they are required.


Helper recipe, installs python-swiftclient.
Uses the system package if node['duplicity_ng']['use_pip'] = false, otherwise uses pip.


Helper recipe, installs python-boto.
Uses the system package if node['duplicity_ng']['use_pip'] = false, otherwise uses pip.


Helper recipe, installs MS Azure SDK on Python.
Recommended option: default['duplicity_ng']['use_pip'] = true
Note: Minimum python version: 2.7.0.
Note: duplicity works well with Azure starting from 0.7 and up versions. Use it on your own risk.


Helpe recipe, installs ncftp.


To use the providers, append the following to your metadata.rb

depends 'duplicity_ng'


Installs a duplicity cronjob

duplicity_ng_cronjob 'myduplicity' do
  name 'myduplicity' # Cronjob filename (name_attribute)

  # Attributes for the default cronjob template
  interval         'daily'              # Cron interval (hourly, daily, monthly)
  duplicity_path   '/usr/bin/duplicity' # Path to duplicity
  configure_zabbix false                # Automatically configure zabbix user paremeters
  logfile          '/dev/null'          # Log cronjob output to this file
  lockfile         '/tmp/mylock.lock'   # Lockfile to use (defaults to /tmp/duplicity-$name)

  # duplicity parameters
  backend    '' # Backend to use (default: nil, required!)
  passphrase 'supersecret'             # duplicity passphrase (default: nil, required!)

  include        %w(/etc/ /root/ /var/log/) # Default directories to backup
  exclude        %w()                       # Default directories to exclude from backup
  archive_dir    '/tmp/duplicity-archive'   # duplicity archive directory
  temp_dir       '/tmp/duplicity-tmp'       # duplicity temp directory
  keep_full      5                          # Keep 5 full backups
  nice           10                         # Be nice (cpu)
  ionice         3                          # Ionice class (3 => idle)
  full_backup_if_older_than '7D'            # Take a full backup after this interval

  # Command(s) to run at the very beginning of the cronjob (default: empty)
  exec_pre %(if [ -f "/nobackup" ]; then exit 0; fi)

  # Command(s) to run after cleanup, but before the backup (default: empty)
  exec_before ['pg_dumpall -U postgres |bzip2 > /tmp/dump.sql.bz2']

  # Command(s) to run after the backup has finished (default: empty)
  exec_after  ['touch /backup-sucessfull', 'echo yeeeh']

  # In case you use Swift as you backend, specify the credentials here
  swift_username 'mySwiftUsername'
  swift_password 'mySwiftPassword'
  swift_authurl  'SwiftAuthURL'

  # In case you use S3 as your backend, your credentials go here
  aws_access_key_id     'MY_ACCESS_ID'
  aws_secret_access_key 'MY_SECRET'

  # In case you use Google Cloud Storage as your backend, your credentials go here
  gs_access_key_id     'MY_ACCESS_ID'
  gs_secret_access_key 'MY_SECRET'

  # In case you use MS Azure Blob Storage as your backend, your credentials go here
  azure_account_name 'MY_ACCOUNT_NAME'
  azure_account_key  'MY_ACCOUNT_KEY'

  # GPG options (compression and algorithms)
  cipher_algo    'aes256'
  digest_algo    'sha512'
  compress_algo  'bzip2'
  compress_level 6

  # Alternatively, you can specify your own template to use
  cookbook         'duplicity_ng'          # Cookbook to take erb template from
  source           ''     # ERB template to use
  variables        {}                   # Custom variables for ERB template

Feel free to specify additional (backend related) duplicity arguments to the backend attribute.
For example, to use europe buckets with S3, use the following

duplicity_ng 's3 europe' do
  backend '--s3-use-new-style --s3-european-buckets s3+http://bucket[/prefix]'

  # You can also specify a specific server to use
  # backend '--s3-use-new-style --s3-european-buckets s3://[/prefix]'

  # Additional configuration here, see example above


Deploys boto configuration. With this you can skip keys in cronjob provider.

duplicity_ng_boto 'mybotoconfig' do
  # In case you use S3, your credentials go here
  aws_access_key_id     'MY_ACCESS_ID'
  aws_secret_access_key 'MY_SECRET'

  # In case you use Google Cloud Storage, your credentials go here
  gs_access_key_id     'MY_ACCESS_ID'
  gs_secret_access_key 'MY_SECRET'

  # In case you need additional options for Boto
  options {
    debug: 0,
    num_retries: 10,
    ec2_region_name: 'us-west-1',
    autoscale_endpoint: ''

  # Alternatively, you can specify your own template to use
  cookbook  'duplicity_ng' # Cookbook to take erb template from
  source    'boto.cfg.erb' # ERB template to use
  variables {}

Checking status

Since version 1.1.2, you can run commands like collection-status conveniently.

# Source the configuration
. /etc/default/duplicity-$jobname   # on Debian familiy
. /etc/sysconfig/duplicity-$jobname # on RHEL familiy
. /etc/duplicity-$jobname           # On other families



  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Create a named feature branch (i.e. add-new-recipe)
  3. Write your change
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
  5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass
  6. Submit a Pull Request

License and Authors

Author: Chris Aumann

Contributors: Alexander Merkulov

Dependent cookbooks

python >= 0.0.0
build-essential >= 0.0.0
zabbix_ng >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.


  • Install python-paramiko packages when installing from source
  • Check whether duplicity is installed in zabbix-check


  • Prevent duplicate duplicity processes using lockfiles
  • Add lockfile attribute


  • Migrate to zabbix_ng cookbook


  • Fix path when compiling GPG from source
  • Fix dependencies for Azure users


  • Use senstive true attribute for duplicity environment files, so credentials won't end up in Chef logs
  • Fix escaping issue with --gpg-options


  • Add attribute to set encryption algorithms (defaults to aes256, sha512)
  • Add attribute to set compression algorithm and level (defaults to bzip2, level 6)
  • Add support or Microsoft Azure storage


  • Use configuration file, so one can use credentials and arguments like temporary directories or backend information easily in interactive sessions (See README for details)


  • Add support for CentOS 5.x


  • Add support for Google Cloud Storage
  • Add ability to install duplicity from source
  • Add provider to configure boto
  • Add integration tests (for install recipes)
  • A lot of internal improvements and fixes


  • Fix issue with properly detecting S3 backend
    • When specifying additional arguments in front of the s3:// backend, backend dependencies weren't properly detected


  • Fix an issue with directory permissions when using /dev/null as logfile


  • Public release


  • Initial release of duplicity_ng (internal)

Foodcritic Metric

1.2.6 passed this metric