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do_artifactory (5) Versions 0.1.1

A utility cookbook for installing the artifactory gem, finding an artifact and returning its location or changing its properties.

cookbook 'do_artifactory', '= 0.1.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'do_artifactory', '= 0.1.1'
knife supermarket install do_artifactory
knife supermarket download do_artifactory
Quality 100%


Series of resources for using artifactory with Chef




Name Description Property Modifiers Type
endpoint Artifactory server url name property String
username Artifactory credentials, username optional String
password Artifactory credentials, password optional String
search_type Search type to find artifact. Valid properties are 'name' or any value contained in property checksums n/a String
search Search term to find artifact. Either the name or checksum, as specified by search_type n/a String
destination Directory for artifact to be downloaded to default: Chef::Config['file_cache_path'] String
property_hash Hash of properties to add or replace if they already exist optional Hash{String => String}
download_path Location artifact is downloaded to Identity String
checksums Valid values for search_type (other than 'name') Array[String] default ['md5', 'sha1']


Name Description Default?
:search Find and download artifact by name or checksum, returns location downloaded to Yes
:update_properties Search artifactory then merge the property_hash with the artifact's properties and save on Artifactory server. Requires property_hash to not be empty. Only adds or modifies No


artifact_location = do_artifactory_artifact '' do
  username 'my_user'
  password 'my_password'
  search_type 'sha256'
  search '3915ed48d8764758bacb5aa9f15cd276'
  destination '/my_artifacts/this_artifact_type'
  checksums %w(sha256 sha1 md5)

puts "artifact exists at #{artifact_location.destination}"
do_artifactory_artifact '' do
  username 'my_user'
  password 'my_password'
  search_type 'sha256'
  search '3915ed48d8764758bacb5aa9f15cd276'
  property_hash {'chef.cookbook.download_date' =>, 'it.hasbeen.downloaded' => 'true'}
  checksums %w(sha256 sha1 md5)
  action :update_properties



Name Description Property Modifiers Type
version Version of the gem or 'latest' name property String
source Source of the gem Optional String


Name Description Default?
:install Installs the artifactory gem and makes it ready for use immediately at compile time Yes
:remove Uninstalls the artifactory gem No


do_artifactory_gem 'latest' do
  source '/my/local/gem/dl'
do_artifactory_gem '2.3.0'do

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Release 0.1.1 2016/5/10

  • Added support information to metadata.rb
  • Corrected ## Release 0.1.0 2016/4/30
  • Initial commit

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