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codestriker (3) Versions 0.1.1

Installs/Configures codestriker

cookbook 'codestriker', '= 0.1.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'codestriker', '= 0.1.1'
knife supermarket install codestriker
knife supermarket download codestriker
Quality 50%

codestriker Cookbook

Circle CI
Cookbook Version

Installs Codestriker from the tarball distribution.



While there aren't any direct dependencies, the cookbook expects a properly set up database to be present.
Also, Codestriker is a CGI application, so you'll need a way of running those; it's out of scope for this
cookbook to provide one.


The following platforms are supported:

  • Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04. (Really, anything sufficiently Debian-like ought to work.)

  • OpenSUSE 13.2.


Broadly speaking, there are two groups of arguments:

  1. arguments that configure the application itself;
  2. arguments that define the installation environment.

The former group mostly mirrors configuration options in codestriker.conf, which are thoroughly documented there.
As for the latter:

  • node['codestriker']['tarball']['version'] - application version (default: 1.9.10 (the latest));

  • node['codestriker']['tarball']['url'] - tarball location (the default is to grab the latest tarball from SourceForge,
    but any tarball will do as long as its root directory follows the "codestriker-#{node['codestriker']['tarball']['version']}"
    naming convention);

  • node['codestriker']['tarball']['checksum'] - SHA256 digest of the aforementioned tarball;

  • node['codestriker']['user'] - owner of the unpacked sources (default: codestriker);

  • node['codestriker']['use_existing_user'] - when false, a new system user will be created (default: false);

  • node['codestriker']['group'] - group that will own the unpacked sources (default: codestriker);

  • node['codestriker']['dir'] - root directory of the unpacked sources (default: /opt/codestriker/www);

  • node['codestriker']['patch'] - patches to apply (the default is to make the source code compatible with Perl 5.22);

  • node['codestriker']['packages'] - platform-dependent configuration of the dependencies;

  • node['codestriker']['paths'] - platform-dependent configuration of the paths of various binaries;

  • node['codestriker']['repositories'] - URLs to names mapping.


Just add codestriker to the node's run_list:

  "run_list": [

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Initial release.

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