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bacula-server (4) Versions 0.1.1

Installs/Configures bacula-server

cookbook 'bacula-server', '= 0.1.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'bacula-server', '= 0.1.1'
knife supermarket install bacula-server
knife supermarket download bacula-server
Quality 0%

bacula-server cookbook


The cookbook for installation bacula-director and bacula-storage. It uses chef searches, so you must have the chef server for use this cookbook. You should use cookbook bacula-client for adding client.




The following platforms are supported and tested under test kitchen:

  • CentOS 6

This cookbook tested with bacula version 5.0 and 5.2.


The attributes used in the recipes and in the templates.

Attribute Description Type Default
node['bacula']['director']['user'] The user under which the bacula-dir service is started String 'bacula'
node['bacula']['director']['group'] The group under which the bacula-dir service is started String 'bacula'
node['bacula']['director']['name'] The director's name, which used to identify between services. String 'bacula-dir'
node['bacula']['director']['port'] The port on wich the director listens. Integer 9101
node['bacula']['director']['maximum_concurrent_jobs'] Attribute show how many concurrent jobs may be run at the same time. Integer 20
node['bacula']['director']['clients_role'] The role's name, which used to search clients. String 'bacula-client'
node['bacula']['director']['storage_role'] The role's name, which used to search storage. String 'bacula-storage'
node['bacula']['director']['working_directory'] Location for bacula working directory. String '/var/spool/bacula'
node['bacula']['director']['pid_directory'] Location for bacula pid directory. String '/var/run'
node['bacula']['director']['email_on_error'] List of email addresses where will send notifications about broken backups. Array []
node['bacula']['storage']['volumes_dir'] Location where bacula keeps backups. String '/srv/bacula'
node['bacula']['storage']['user'] The user under which the bacula-sd service is started String 'bacula'
node['bacula']['storage']['group'] The group under which the bacula-dir service is started Stirng 'tape'
node['bacula']['databag_name'] Name of data bag where keeps bacula sensitive information. See below for format of data bag. String 'bacula'
node['bacula']['databag_item'] Name of item of data bag. String 'bacula'
node['bacula']['director_package'] Name of bacula director package. String 'bacula-director-postgresql'
node['bacula']['storage_package'] Name of bacula storage package. String 'bacula-storage-postgresql'
node['bacula']['full_backup_retention'] The time to store the full backup String '12 month'
node['bacula']['incremental_backup_retention'] The time to store the incremental backup. String '30 days'
node['bacula']['differential_backup_retention'] The time to store the differential backup. String '30 days'
node['bacula']['version'] Version of bacula packages. It is important to know that Bacula does not work if packets from different branches. For example: bacula-dir version 5.0 does not work with bacula-sd version 5.2. String will be installed the version that exists in your repository.


  • director.rb - install bacula-dir daemon. This daemon manages all processes of backup.
  • storage.rb - install bacula-sd. This daemon manages the storage of backups.


How it works.

Bacula consists from three parts: director, storage and client. Director this is a server. It keeps all information about backups jobs, runs jobs and connects other parts. Storage server keeps volume files. Volume file is a binary file with a backup. And client makes a backup and transfers it to a storage.

Bacula director can't be started if the bacula storage and at least one client didn't configured. So you must provision at least one client and bacula storage before you will provision bacula director.

To install client you must use bacula-client cookbook.

Data bags

Cookbook uses data bag name from attribute node['bacula']['databag'] and item name from node['bacula']['databag_item']

Data bag example:

  "id": "bacula",
  "fd_password": "fd_password",
  "db_password": "bacula",
  "db_user": "bacula",
  "postgres_root_password": "postgres",
  "console_password": "console_password",
  "sd_password": "sd_password"


Dependent cookbooks

postgresql >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Foodcritic Metric

0.1.1 failed this metric

FC009: Resource attribute not recognised: /tmp/cook/74c59df8a51a9a4fc32b7552/bacula-server/recipes/director.rb:56