ubuntu (8) Versions 1.1.8

Sets up apt sources for Ubuntu Linux

cookbook 'ubuntu', '~> 1.1.8'
cookbook 'ubuntu', '~> 1.1.8'
knife cookbook site install ubuntu
knife cookbook site download ubuntu


Sets up apt sources for Ubuntu.



  • Ubuntu


  • apt


See attributes/default.rb for default values.

  • node['ubuntu']['archive_url'] - Archived package repo URL
  • node['ubuntu']['security_url'] - Security update package repo URL
  • node['ubuntu']['include_source_packages'] - Add source packages to the apt sources. Defaults to true
  • node['ubuntu']['architectures'] - Optional array of architectures to download from the repos. Defaults to nil and all archs are used
  • node['ubuntu']['components'] - Repository components to use. Defaults to "main restricted universe multiverse"
  • node['ubuntu']['locale'] - The locale to set the OS to
  • node['ubuntu']['codename'] - A codename to use, defaults to node['lsb']['codename'], e.g. precise.



Includes the apt default recipe to ensure the package cache is updated and manages the /etc/apt/sources.list for the node's platform code name. The template adds sources for main, restricted, universe and multiverse.


Include recipe[ubuntu] on systems where you want to manage the sources.list. Currently the template enables main, restricted, universe and multiverse for the node's codename (e.g., lucid, natty, etc). See Roadmap.

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