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statsd-centos7 (1) Versions 0.0.1

Installs/Configures statsd on Centos 7

cookbook 'statsd-centos7', '~> 0.0.1'
cookbook 'statsd-centos7', '~> 0.0.1', :supermarket
knife cookbook site install statsd-centos7
knife cookbook site download statsd-centos7


Installs and configures Statsd


  • Centos 7


Attribute Type Default Description
node['statsd']['port'] Integer 8125 Port for Statsd to listen for stats on
node['statsd']['graphite_host'] String 'localhost' Host to forward processed statistics to
node['statsd']['graphite_port'] Integer 2003 Port to forward processed statistics to
node['statsd']['graphite_options'] Hash {} Additional graphite namespacing options
node['statsd']['package_version'] String '0.6.0' Version to use when creating the package
node['statsd']['tmp_dir'] String '/tmp' Temporary directory to use while building the package
node['statsd']['repo'] String '' git repository to use
node'['statsd']['path'] '/usr/share/statsd'
node['statsd']['flush_interval_msecs'] 10_000 Flush interval in msecs (default: 10000).
node['statsd']['delete_idle_stats'] false Do we automatically delete idle stats?
node['statsd']['graphite_enabled'] true Is the graphite backend enabled?
node['statsd']['user'] 'statsd'
node['statsd']['console_enabled'] true Enable console output


Include the statsd recipe which will checkout Statsd from git, build a package from it, and then install the package. Statsd is run under a "statsd" system user.

By default statsd will attempt to send statistics to a graphite instance running on localhost, which can be configured using the Graphite cookbook at

Dependent cookbooks

nodejs >= 0.0.0
git >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Foodcritic Metric

0.0.1 failed this metric

FC007: Ensure recipe dependencies are reflected in cookbook metadata: /tmp/6131d5349aae8234002628bc/statsd-centos7/recipes/default.rb:3
FC007: Ensure recipe dependencies are reflected in cookbook metadata: /tmp/6131d5349aae8234002628bc/statsd-centos7/recipes/default.rb:54
FC064: Ensure issues_url is set in metadata: /tmp/6131d5349aae8234002628bc/statsd-centos7/metadata.rb:1
FC065: Ensure source_url is set in metadata: /tmp/6131d5349aae8234002628bc/statsd-centos7/metadata.rb:1

Collaborator Number Metric

0.0.1 failed this metric

Failure: Cookbook has 0 collaborators. A cookbook must have at least 2 collaborators to pass this metric.