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perlbrew (9) Versions 0.5.2

Configures and Installs perlbrew

cookbook 'perlbrew', '~> 0.5.2'
cookbook 'perlbrew', '~> 0.5.2', :supermarket
knife supermarket install perlbrew
knife supermarket download perlbrew
Quality 88%

Cookbook Version Build Status License


# Method 1 - Include this cookbook's recipes in your cookbook/recipe:
include_recipe 'perlbrew'
include_recipe 'perlbrew::profile'

# Method 2 - Use this cookbook's resources in your cookbook/recipe:
perlbrew '/opt/perlbrew' do
  perls         ['perl-5.30.2', 'perl-5.14.4']
perlbrew_profile ''/etc/profile.d/'


This cookbook provides resources and recipes that can be used to configure, install, and manage the Perlbrew environment.

This cookbook is tested on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Linux 2
  • CentOS/RHEL 7.x
  • Debian 10.x
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Unlisted platforms in the same family, of similar or equivalent versions may work with or without modification to this cookbook. Pull requests to add support for other platforms are welcome.

Perlbrew requires a system perl and the following programs to be available during the installation process:

  • curl
  • patch

Perlbrew compiles perl from source and requires a standard compiler toolchain to be available; this cookbook will install this toolchain automatically, if they are missing.



node['perlbrew']['perlbrew_root'] = '/opt/perlbrew'

Sets the PERLBREW_ROOT environment variable.


node['perlbrew']['perls'] = ["perl-5.14.2", "perl-5.12.3"]

Set an array of perls to install upon running the perlbrew recipe.


node['perlbrew']['install_options'] = '--noman --notest'

Set a string of command line options for perlbrew install, such as -Dusethreads.


node['perlbrew']['cpanm_options'] = '--notest'

Set a string of command line options for cpanm.


node['perlbrew']['self_upgrade'] = true

Automatically install the latest perlbrew version, true by default.



Installs/updates perlbrew along with patchperl and cpanm. This is required for use of the perlbrew_* resources. Optionally installs perls specified in the node['perlbrew']['perls'] attribute list.


This recipe installs a file in /etc/profile.d that enables perlbrew for all users, though the standard caveats mentioned in the perlbrew documentation do apply.



# install perlbrew then perl-5.30.2
perlbrew '/opt/perlbrew' do
  perls ['perl-5.30.2']
  action :install

# remove perlbrew
perlbrew '/opt/perlbrew' do
  action :remove

This resource provides actions to install / remove perlbrew using the directory specified in the node['perlbrew']['perlbrew_root'] attribute.

  • Attributes
    • :perls - An array of strings representing perls to brew / install.
    • :upgrade - A boolean flag to disable/enable the automatic upgrading of perlbrew.


# set a perlbrew profile for all users, controlled by root
perlbrew_profile '/etc/profile.d/' do
  mode     0644
  owner    'root'
  group    'root'
  template ''
  action   :install

# remove a perlbrew profile
perlbrew_profile '/etc/profile.d/' do
  action :remove

This resource provides actions to install / remove the shell script that enables perlbrew for all users.

  • Attributes
    • :mode - The file's default permissions.
    • :group - The file's group association.
    • :owner - The file's owner.
    • :template - The template used to create the file.


# perlbrew install perl-5.14.2 --noman --notest
perlbrew_perl 'perl-5.14.2' do
  install_options '--noman --notest'
  action          :install

# perlbrew install perl-5.14.2 --as 5.14
perlbrew_perl '5.14' do
  version 'perl-5.14.2'

# perlbrew uninstall perl-5.14.2
perlbrew_perl 'perl-5.14.2' do
  action :remove

This resource provides actions to brew and install perls into node['perlbrew']['perlbrew_root'].

  • Attributes
    • :install_options - The options to be provided during brewing / installation.
    • :version - The version of perl to install, in the perl-X.Y.Z format that perlbrew expects.


# turn off active perlbrews and switch to system perl
perlbrew_switch 'off'

# switch to perl-5.14.2
perlbrew_switch 'perl-5.14.2'

This resource provides an action to switch between brewed perl installations / system perl.


# create a 'mylib' local::lib for perl-5.14.2
perlbrew_lib 'mylib' do
  perlbrew 'perl-5.14.2'
  action   :create

# ditto
perlbrew_lib 'perl-5.14.2@mylib'

# remove 'perl-5.14.2@mylib'
perlbrew_lib 'perl-5.14.2@mylib' do
  action :delete

This resource creates or removes a perlbrew-based local::lib library for a particular perl.

  • Attributes
    • :perlbrew - The brewed perl to attach the library to (e.g. perl-5.14.2), and it is not installed, the perlbrew_perl resource will be used to brew and install it. If this attribute is not specified, it will be derived from the perlbrew_lib name.


# install some modules into perl-5.14.2@mylib
perlbrew_cpanm 'Modern Perl modules' do
  modules  ['Modern::Perl', 'Task::Kensho']
  perlbrew 'perl-5.14.2@mylib'
  action   :install

This resource installs CPAN modules to a given perlbrew perl or local::lib using cpanm (App::cpanminus).

  • Attributes
    • :modules - The list of module names to pass to cpanm.
    • :perlbrew - The brewed perl (and optional library) to use for installing modules.


# execute a script under perl-5.14.2@mylib
perlbrew_run '' do
  perlbrew 'perl-5.14.2@mylib'
  action   :run

# execute a perl script string
perlbrew_run 'hello world' do
  perlbrew 'perl-5.14.2@mylib'
  command 'perl -wE "say q{Hello World}"'

This resource runs a bash command in the context of a given perlbrew perl or local::lib.

  • Attributes
    • :command - The bash command to run, defaulting to the resource name if not specified.
    • :cwd - The directory to change into prior to running the command.
    • :environment - The hash of environment variables to set prior to running the command
    • :perlbrew - The brewed perl (and optional library) to use for running the command.





Copyright (c) 2012-2020, the above named AUTHORS, CONTRIBUTORS, and MAINTAINERS

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Dependent cookbooks

This cookbook has no specified dependencies.

Contingent cookbooks

carton Applicable Versions


  • Update perlbrew to 0.89.
  • Switch over CI from Travis CI to GitHub Actions.


  • Update perlbrew to 0.87.
  • Explicitly install build dependencies such as gcc and make instead of using build_essential.


  • Bump minimum required Chef version to 14.
  • Add a to document how to test chef-perlbrew.
  • Unpin kitchen-dokken Chef from 14 as chefdk/chef-workstation is now updated.


  • Update documentation to remove deprecated LWRP terminology.
  • More tweaking of perlbrew installation.
  • Pin kitchen-dokken Chef to 14 (until a newer chef-workstation with Chef 15 appears.)


  • Add Amazon Linux 2 on tested/supported platforms.
  • Tweak perlbrew installation so it verifies the installer script before proceeding.


  • Updated for Chef 14 fixes.
  • Cookbook now maintained by Zak B. Elep, thanks J.R. Mash!
  • Added CI testing.


  • Fixed the 'switch' resource provider to actually work.
  • Fixed some things that foodcritic was complaining about.
  • Updated documentation to reclect the new resource/provider, and other documentation changes.


  • Created the 'default' resource/provider and converted the recipe of the same name to utilize it.
  • Created the 'profile' resource/provider and converted the recipe of the same name to utilize it.
  • Created the 'switch' resource/provider.


  • Initial release, set forth upon an unsuspecting world.

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