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openstack-mistral (5) Versions 0.3.0

Installs/Configures openstack-mistral

cookbook 'openstack-mistral', '~> 0.3.0'
cookbook 'openstack-mistral', '~> 0.3.0', :supermarket
knife cookbook site install openstack-mistral
knife cookbook site download openstack-mistral

OpenStack Mistral chef cookbook

Sets up and configures Mistral Workflow Service on a Chef node.


Use version <0.2.3 of this cookbook with chef <12.4.0.

As of version 0.3.0, Mistral will be installed using Stackstorm's Packagecloud packages.

Supported Platforms

There are no restrictions for platforms, cookbook should support major debian, fedora and rhel platforms. Tested to work on ubuntu, debian and centos.

Cookbook dependencies

Cookbook depends on other cookbooks: apt, packagecloud, database, postgresql.


Key Type Description Default
['openstack-mistral']['etc_dir'] String Specifies the configuration directory where mistral configuration files are placed. '/opt/openstack/etc'
['openstack-mistral']['db_initialize']['enabled'] Boolean If enabled, cookbook will try to create database for mistral. false
['openstack-mistral']['db_initialize']['upgrade] Boolean If enabled, cookbook will try to upgrade database for mistral once. false
['openstack-mistral']['db_initialize']['populate] Boolean If enabled, cookbook will try to populate database for mistral once. false
['openstack-mistral']['db_initialize']['db_name] String Database name. 'mistral
['openstack-mistral']['db_initialize']['db_username] String Database user which own db_name database . 'mistral
['openstack-mistral']['db_initialize']['db_superuser] String User which create role and databases. 'postgres
['postgres]['db_initialize']['db_superuser_password] String Superuser password. 'ilikerandompasswords'
['openstack-mistral']['db_initialize']['allowed_hosts'] String Hosts which will be allowed to access mistral database. 'localhost'
['openstack-mistral']['config'] Hash Configurations to be overwritten in mistral.conf. {}


Cookbook install st2mistral package, overwrite its configuration with node['openstack-mistral']['config'] attributes and start it up. st2mistral package also install a default mistral user and setup logging. Related services like: RabbitMQ are neither installed nor configured by this cookbook.

Include this cookbook from other cookbooks or directly from runlist:

include_recipe 'openstack-mistral::default'

In case db_initialize.enabled is provided, _database.rb recipe will try to install postgresql, create user mistral and create database mistral. Default this is set to false.

include_recipe 'openstack-mistral::_database'

Initial schema upgrade and populate of database can also be done once if upgrade or **populate* are set.


Setup development environment using ChefDK. This is to ensure development and testing infrastructure (TravisCI) are using the same Ruby and libraries.

License and Authors

License:: Apache 2.0



Switch to using native packages for installation.


Removed mysql* dependencies, since they are handled by mysql cookbook.




Initial release of openstack-mistral

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