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delphix (3) Versions 0.1.2

Installs/Configures target hosts for use by the Delphix platform

cookbook 'delphix', '~> 0.1.2', :supermarket
cookbook 'delphix', '~> 0.1.2'
knife supermarket install delphix
knife supermarket download delphix
Quality 100%

Delphix Target Host

Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Setup - The basics of getting started with delphix
  3. Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality
  4. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.
  5. License


This cookbook will configure a Linux system for use as a target host in the Delphix platform. This includes installing all required packages, and creating a delphix user with sufficient sudo privileges support all platform operations, most notably managing NFS mounts. The resulting host can be used with a standard username, directories, and SSH key access.


The cookbook provides a mechanism for configuring the delphix user with a single engine public SSH key in /home/delphix/.ssh/authorized_keys. In the event that you are building a cloud image and want to configure the SSH key at runtime, you can use cloud init (as described for AWS here) to append one or more SSH keys to the authorized_keys file on first boot. To get the public SSH key of an engine, use the system get sshPublicKey CLI command.

Beginning with Delphix

The Delphix cookbook can configure the target host automatically with default settings. If you want to set up a target host quickly, apply the following manifest:



In the event that your target host needs to have a different user:group than delphix or different mount and toolkit directories, chnage the following default attributes to fit your situation.

default['delphix']['user'] = 'delphix'
default['delphix']['group'] = 'delphix'
default['delphix']['mount'] = "/mnt/#{default['delphix']['user']}"
default['delphix']['toolkit'] = "/home/#{default['delphix']['user']}/toolkit"
default['delphix']['ssh']['user'] = 'delphix'
default['delphix']['ssh']['key'] = 'AAAAB3Nza[...]qXfdaQ=='

The delphix cookbook configures a target host by default, but if you only want to configure a target host it can be called directly:



This cookbook has been manually tested against latest Ubuntu and CentOS AMIs, but there is no reason it should not work with any RedHat or Debian variant.


Apache 2.0

Dependent cookbooks

ssh_authorized_keys ~> 0.4.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

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