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cpu (6) Versions 2.1.2

Manage CPU Governor on linux

cookbook 'cpu', '~> 2.1.2'
cookbook 'cpu', '~> 2.1.2', :supermarket
knife supermarket install cpu
knife supermarket download cpu
Quality 100%

cpu Cookbook

Cookbook Version Build Status OpenCollective OpenCollective License

Manage CPU Governor on linux



  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Centos


  • Chef 12.5+


No dependencies defined


  • node['cpu']['governor'] - Defaults to "ondemand".


  • cpu::affinity - deprecated
  • cpu::default - deprecated
  • cpu::governor - Sets the CPU governer based on the attribute above




  • set: Default action.


  • pid:
  • cpu:


cpu_affinity 1234 do
  cpu 0

Set affinity to processor 0,1,2 for process nginx

cpu_affinity 'set affinity for nginx' do
  pid '/var/run/'
  cpu '0-2'



  • set: Default action.


  • pid:
  • priority:


cpu_nice 1234 do
  priority 12
cpu_nice 'set affinity for nginx' do
  pid '/var/run/'
  priority 19

License and Maintainer

Original Maintainer:: Guilhem Lettron

License:: Apache v2.0


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


Thank you to all our backers!


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CPU Changelog

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the cpu cookbook.

2.1.2 - 2021-08-31

  • Standardise files with files in sous-chefs/repo-management

v2.1.0 (2020-10-24)

  • resolved cookstyle error: metadata.rb:6:1 refactor: ChefRedundantCode/LongDescriptionMetadata
  • resolved cookstyle error: metadata.rb:18:1 refactor: ChefModernize/RespondToInMetadata
  • resolved cookstyle error: spec/unit/recipes/default_spec.rb:29:7 warning: ChefDeprecations/DeprecatedChefSpecPlatform
  • resolved cookstyle error: spec/unit/recipes/default_spec.rb:39:7 warning: ChefDeprecations/DeprecatedChefSpecPlatform
  • resolved cookstyle error: spec/unit/recipes/default_spec.rb:49:7 warning: ChefDeprecations/DeprecatedChefSpecPlatform
  • Adoption by Sous-Chefs

v2.0.0 (2017-04-07)

  • This cookbook now requires Chef 12.5 or later
  • Fixed failures on RHEL in the affinity recipe
  • Fixed helper methods that were leaking into the global Ruby namespace
  • Added support for RHEL derivatives to the metadata
  • Updated the affinity resource to install the necessary package. There is no longer a need to include the recipe first now.
  • Added deprecation warnings to the legacy recipes that are no longer required
  • Converted the LWRPs to custom resources. This adds why-run support for the resources
  • Added full integration testing on RHEL/Ubuntu in Travis CI
  • Simplified testing with Delivery local
  • Added a test recipe that tests the governor recipe and also the resources. Previously only the empty default recipe was being tested
  • Removed test gems from the Gemfile as testing should be done with ChefDK instead
  • Added a basic Chefspec test for the governor recipe
  • Updated the governor recipe to warn instead of failing on RHEL 7 and Fedora

v1.0.0 (2016-11-02)

  • Moved maintenance to the redguide group
  • Added use_inline_resources to the providers to properly notify on updates
  • Removed Chef 10 compatibility
  • Resolved all cookstyle warnings
  • Added new metadata for Supermarket
  • Added testing in Travis
  • Added local testing with rake and test kitchen
  • Added the Apache 2.0 license file
  • Add a Berksfile
  • Refactored the Readme
  • Added a chefignore file

Collaborator Number Metric

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